about us

At a glance

Legasis is a case management system for the legal industry, a software designed primarily to assist law firms in managing and organising case files. Its robust features enables you to track status of case files, court meetings/appointments, store contacts/billing information and tasks distribution, features that intuitively streamlines customary operations into a cohesive functioning unit, data mining to support business decisions, tracking of day to day firm performance and processes.

How it all started?

We’re a IT Software Development & Consultancy company. Agiga.com Sdn Bhd is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, our portfolio of IT services are based around several areas in which we dedicate our expertise to businesses regardless of capacity and industry, with web centric innovation, tailored solutions, cutting-edge tech implementations and in development of humanize applications. Our portfolio and services that includes providing specialise services in legal firm applications and solutions that naturally positioned us as a trusted IT service provider to firms from small to large.