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Keep track of your business at your fingertips and coordinate your communications with all the people. LEGASIS lets you work from anywhere and gives you the "30,000" foot view on your practice.

Organise your day with LEGASIS, a software that provides you with feedback on how you are progressing, keeps statistics on how close you are coming to your targets for billable hours. You’ll never miss a deadline again.

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Dashboard KPI

Dynamic and interactive visuals that displays data of your firms overall performance, billings and collections. Analyze past and overall data and improve your firms performance, set targets and dynamically track individual and team performances, identify and evaluate low ineffective performances and fine-tune them.

Case Management

Keep track of case status and easily pull information up on your screen to show things that are related to the case, view case descriptions, parties involved in the case, contact information, next actions and documents generated for the file.

Client Contacts

Improve relationships with your clients, keep notes and know who are the people assigned to the client. Filter you client database and track activities related to the client, when you need to change a client information just make the update once, contact information on the related cases are updated with a click of a button.

Next Action

Ensure that you are on top of of deadlines, plan and create schedules, the system pro-actively reminds you on your up-coming to do’s on cases that you are assigned with. Enhance working efficiency on large cases by sharing, collaborating and assigning tasks to team members

Time Sheet Management

Review yours or your associates billable time by determining the value of the case. Enhance your time keeping and increase billable hours, progressively lets you know the continual total on your billable time and billable goals

Project & Document Automation

Built-in document assembly that lets you create bulk and customized conveyancing or sales agreement documents for your clients. A module that allows you to easily create and add more templates to generate any type of documents or for any other purposes.

Billing & Collection

Avoid malpractice claims/conflicts. Pre-define or customize rates for your professional charges and disbursements, approve and generate client billings.